Value Investing Time

Value stock picks for 2022

As we move into the new year, I’m focusing on cashflow, dividends and value to choose stocks.

My most recent stock picks include

  • Traveler’s Insurance
  • Cigna Health
  • Walgreens

All three pay a dividend and have a history of increasing their dividend. In particular, Cigna recently raised their dividend a whopping 12%. With a payout ratio of only 25%, the dividend is well covered, and we should see a lot more dividend growth in our future.

I personally do business with Traveler’s for auto insurance and Cigna for my health insurance. So far I’m pleased with the service (although I haven’t used the auto insurance, lucky me). Traveler’s should do well in a rising interest rate environment as well.

Walgreens recently had a positive earnings report, and with over a 3% dividend; I believe it’s a rather safe & defensive play. One thing that does bother me with Walgreens is the amount of debt, currently a 117 debt/equity ratio. I also don’t like the margins. However, they are making strides into the clinical healthcare business and I believe the price is a good one to pay for the business.

2021 Brief Review for stocks

As I look at the year 2021 in review, I’m MOSTLY pleased with my results. My brokerage account generated market to slightly over market returns, my Roth IRA outperformed the market due to the REIT index fund I own. However, my traditional IRA under performed by about 10% (I think it got around 15-16%). Part of the reason for this is because I hold bond funds and IAU in that account as a hedge against market downturns. In addition, I also hold SPCE in that account (which has been doing rather terrible as of late).

With my crypto, I’m still holding ELROND and SOUL on the Phantasma blockchain. I did sell 95% of my Ethereum, this is after holding it for many years now. I just needed to take some off the table to rid myself of some bills and be at more ease with the crypto markets.

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