Swing Trade-TLT Bond ETF

I bought TLT multiple times throughout May and and starting selling in July. This was a swing trade I made.

I missed the very top; however, I am happy with my trades. I try not to get greedy and simply desire to make over a 6% profit on these types of shorter-term trades. I am primarily a dividend or buy and hold Index investor. At the same time, sometimes I think values exist that allow an investor to turn a quicker profit as well. A profit that one can use to reinvest.

TLT has had an incredible year, over 20% YTD return. My trades were a gain of 6%, 14% and 12%. This is not counting distributions I received from TLT (So not total return), it’s simply a guesstimate of how much I made. I usually think about those numbers at the end of the year!


I expect that interest rates will continue to drop and there MAY be a reentry point on TLT for me before the year is over. However, I am not counting on it. TLT could very well make a new all time high in the next month depending on what Jerome Powell and the FED reserve do here.

I do still have about $600 in TLT for risk management purposes. It’s not a position I wanted to close out completely as I think Bond Funds should always hold a place in a portfolio, unless something terrible occurs. Let’s hope not!

As always, I am NOT a professional financial advisor. I recommend seeking professional help before making any investment and doing your own research. This blog is for my own archive and entertainment purposes.

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