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Top 3 Stock Research Websites

Here are some of my favorite stock research websites I visit to see what the big guys are buying and selling:


First and Foremost there is This website has a lot of stuff but I look for the institutional buying section and see if there have been inflows and outflows into specific stocks.


Secondly, there is I used this A LOT when I first began stock investing. They have something called GURU ANALYSIS and it shows you ideas from what a famous investor might pick based on specific metrics they like. For example, they have a Peter Lynch and Benjamin Graham screener. I got A LOT of ideas from this my first month as a stock investor.


I also like Here you can click on a specific institution and see all of their positions, whether they own calls and puts as well. How much their positions have changed. Watch the video below to see me check in on people like Goldman Saachs and their positions.

This is of course not a substitute for looking at companies books, looking at valuations; however, I do believe it can be a part of our Due Diligence when it comes to investing in the stock market.

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