Starting a SERVICE BUSINESS |Find a Problem

To start a SERVICE BASED BUSINESS, you need to find a problem and solve it. Here are a couple of ideas to get your brain storming. These aren’t the only ones of course but hopefully enough to get you thinking.

1)Music teacher or private music performer (This is what I do!)

2)DJ-Maybe you like getting people fired up and partying. Private events and Weddings need Dj’s. You can make pretty decent money doing this on the side on weekends.

3)Landscaping Business-This is not going away any time soon. However, you may face a lot of competition. There may be an initial investment required (Lawnmowers, weed eaters, blowers, etc). However, after that, you won’t need a brick n’ mortar store or anything.

4)Video Editing, Shooting videos for Real Estate Businesses. Another one that isn’t disappearing any time soon. Get really good at Imovie or Final cut Pro. Not much required as far as investment of capital other than a computer and software.

5)Car Wash-Cars are another one that won’t be disappearing any time soon. Rich people love their cars to look nice. Get really good at washing HIGH-END cars!

6)Personal Trainer-This doesn’t have require a lot of overhead. You can train people in their house. In particular, we are living in a world where people are trying stay healthy, so their is a huge market for this. My advice would be to pick a niche. Maybe you want to go for the office worker, maybe the woman in her 50’s that is overweight? The longer you do this, the more apt you are probably going to be able to zero in on that niche.

7)Yoga/Tai Chi/Wellness Coach-Once again, lots of people are trying to be more healthy. I did Tai Chi for awhile myself. You can teach a class but one on one is where the larger amount of money is. Become an expert in this field and people will seek out your skills.

8)Skilled Trades/Construction/Tile layer/Carpentry-There is a great shortage of people with these skilled trades. Not only can you offer your services but perhaps you can allow others to apprentice under you, charge for lessons. Why not?

9)Sports Coach-Baseball, Volleyball, or Tennis Coach. Maybe you are great at basketball, some kid could use your services. Most parents sign up their kids for sports. Sports is another one that won’t be dying away any time soon.

10)Foreign Language Tutor-Spanish is a seriously useful skill in the USA.

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