Side Hustle

It’s been a bit since I reported on my side hustle, how is it going?

Well, I’m still selling off some of the toys and board games I bought over a month ago. The thing with inventory is you don’t know when it will move necessarily.

However, this week started off good, I did manage to sell two toys on Ebay in one day.

I’m basically just going to thrift stores on my way to work or whenever I’m out and about and looking around. I had to take some stuff to donate the other day and went in and found a big box of Pokemon cards, paid $2.00. Inside was a $20 special edition card, three $10 ones and a whole bunch more I’ll sell as lots. I’m amazed at what people will give away.

My other find of the week-My local thrift store bags up loose toys and sells them for $3. One had a couple of airplanes, space shuttle and more in it. I figured out I gave 0.79 cents for each one and today I sold one for $4.50, so decent return. I know this doesn’t seem like much but if you invest small amounts and keep getting more it does eventually add up over the course of a month. The great thing about some of these toys is they are VERY easy to mail, just throw them in a bubble mailer and off you go.

Although it wasn’t a thrift store purchase, I also sold some old books I had on my bookshelf. The great thing about books is you can buy them, read, get what you need out of them, take notes and re-sell and make some of your money back. Talk about a great “investment.”

I will probably do a QUARTER report with my profits because I think that makes more sense than a weekly or even monthly report. The returns are not like with dividend stocks, you invest and you don’t know when you will see that cash flow back, some items will take months to sell, some sell immediately.

Anyways, that is all for today. More to come later!

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