Side Hustle Update-March

I’ve sold very FEW things on eBay this past month. This was partly due to mostly concentrating on cleaning things out at my parent’s house and trying to sell those things for my mom. Not to mention just scrambling to increase my online music business in a bunch of different ways.

I lost about $400 in income a month because I work part-time in after school programs at an elementary school. Yes, school has been canceled for the REST OF THE YEAR here in Georgia!

Anyways, the Coronavirus has, of course, stopped my thrift store hunting. The good part about this is maybe I can get rid of some inventory before getting more. I was starting to run out of room a bit.

Here is the break down:

1)These little Fisher-Price characters were part of a grab bag I got. The price paid is 79 cents each. They went for $4.35. After fees and shipping, I made a profit of $3.20

2)This Superman toy was part of a larger lot of toys I paid $25.00 for. It sold for $10.00. After taking into account fee/shipping, I was left with $5.02…This is all profit because it is from a $25 lot of toys I’ve already made my money in.

3)Massive Darkness. This was part of a lot of 2 I gave $70 for. The price for the individual item works out to be about $7.00. It sold for $10.99. After taking into account fees/shipping I made $2.95

4)Paw Patrol Toy. I gave $2.13 for this. It sold for $4.15 and the total profit for this was only $1.21. I got tired of waiting on this to sell, so I dropped my price very aggressively, which did not help my margin here.

So, as you can see I made a whopping profit of $12.38 in March from selling Toys. On the other hand, I did also sell some old exercise equipment and books that I had laying around for a bit more profit, money that can be invested into the market to generate a greater return.

I continue to need to be a little more aggressive with all of this. I just kind of post stuff and lower prices at my own leisure. I’m sure I good do A LOT better if I put more work into this but I really don’t want it to be like another job. I kind of envision it being something where maybe I could make an extra $200 a month at some point. On a positive note, I HAVE gotten a lot better with shipping costs and that continues to be a way to add to my profits, using the eBay shipping services.

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