September Dividends-Final Report

Dividend Report for September

So, September represented a smaller portion of my dividend income for the year. I simply don’t have as many stocks that report in September, not yet anyways! I also sold off a good portion of TLT so those distributions are no longer there either.

Here is my monthly dividend returns for September after all dividends are in:


Putnam Municipal Bond Closed End Fund #PMM $7.36

Hooker Furniture Company $HOFT $8.70

TLT $1.82

Cummins $3.93

Cash Reserve Interest $1.20


CMI or Cummins is a new position for me and an extremely small one at that. I am looking to add more Cummins around the $150 mark. Unfortunately HOFT is one of my worst performing stocks. I won’t be buying any more of it until I see a noticeable trend back up.

Putnam Closed-end fund is a great little monthly dividend payer that I like a lot. Since it holds Municipal Bonds it is not subject to as much taxes, which is also a major plus.


Kroger $12.00

Fidelity Long-term Bond Fund $1.67

Cash Reserve Interest $1.40

Kind of boring here other than Krogers. However, I did just buy some 3M which will begin reporting this same quarter along with Krogers.

Krogers has been on a nice trend back up here lately; I look forward to seeing how it will finish off the year here in the stock market.


As always, here is the corresponding YOUTUBE Video about my reports with even more details and comments:

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