Quarter Two Dividend Report


Dividend Report for Quarter Two

At this point, I’m receiving dividends from Macy’s ($7.17), Schneider Trucking, American Eagle Outfitters ($16.23), General Mills ($10.29) and Ennis ($4.05). While this doesn’t seem like a whole lot, I have only been doing investing and dividend investing for five months.

Recently I opened new stock positions in

  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Kroger
  • Eastman Chemicals


Why Quest Diagnostics #DGX? First and foremost I’ve used their services a few times; a great deal of Americans have as well. They basically do health screening and tests-things like cholesterol, thyroid, hormones, STD’s, cancer screens, anything you can thing of, they do it.

I don’t believe those tests are going away any time soon. With the exception of Labcorp and a few others, they have minimum competition. I heard someone refer to them as the AMAZON OF HEALTHCARE.

Quest also has a great track record of being a dividend grower. It’s a growth and dividend stock all in one play. I believe their dividend was around 2% when I bought in. Today I’m up 7.5% in Quest.

I’m a HUGE fan of stocks with growth potential that pay dividends around the 2-4% mark. That’s my sweet spot. Here is a video I did on Quest:



Why Kroger stock? I bought Kroger because it was really beaten down and I shop at Kroger often. I’m currently down in KR but I have faith it will rise to the occasion. Despite word on the street, I don’t believe Amazon or Wal-mart will hurt Kroger’s business overall. The main reason I bought KR is as a hedge against a recession, as the max drawdowns aren’t so bad with KR. People have to at. Here is a video I did on the defensive & consumer staple stock Kroger:


I’m not a huge fan of the current board at Kroger’s, their approach is getting a bit dated; however, I think we’ll see changes over the next 10 years. I hold Krogers in my IRA so this is not a short-term play.


Eastman #EMN, is in my top 5 stock lists. I love this company. It pays a nice dividend, has a history of raising it’s dividend, cheaper price/book value due to the tariffs, decent debt/equity and just all around well managed. More on it later. I continue to buy more and more EMN.

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