My ENTIRE Stock Portfolio

Here are all of the stock, ETF, and Mutual Fund positions in my portfolios. The three index funds at the bottom are my ROTH IRA; I don’t mention it much on this website, as it’s pretty boring. However, I think a passive investment scenario such as that has a place in everyone’s portfolio.

You’ll see the company/ticker symbol followed by Portfolio Weight. This fluctuates every day and I’ll try to update every few months.

I don’t buy stocks only for the dividends, I am interested in dividend growth and capturing good TOTAL RETURNS. I have a mix of Index Funds/Growth Stocks and Dividend stocks.

The portfolio is clickable so you can view a larger version.

Cigna health has grown to be the largest position I have in my Brokerage account, mainly because it’s held up well this year. Fortinet is my favorite growth stock that I began buying in March 2020. I consider it to be a 5-10 year hold.

My Stock Portfolio
Stock Portfolio
Roth IRA
ROTH IRA Portfolio

My portfolio contains a good bit of small-medium cap stocks, so it’s a bit riskier than the market. I also own some SPEC stocks; however, please note how small of a position they represent. Mindmed for instance is only .14%, Voyager isn’t even .1%. This is RISK MANAGEMENT in place; I fully understand these sorts of stocks are very risky.

These spec stocks are mixed with staples like General Mills, Ingles, and Large Cap industrials like Eastman Chemicals. Eastman is a lifetime hold for me, I’ve owned it a long time and I just sit back and collect the dividends at this point.

ROTH IRA: My Roth Ira is all Index Funds, primarily VTSAX at Vanguard. In Nov 2018, I rebalanced into these three funds. Glad I hold the Intermediate Bond Fund, it helped absorb some of this Pandemic crash.