My ENTIRE Stock Portfolio

Here are all of the stock, ETF, and Mutual Fund positions in my portfolios. The positions in Blue are ETF’s, Mutual Funds, CEF’s, or cash reserves.

My Roth IRA Stock Portfolio

The three index funds at the top are my ROTH IRA; I don’t mention it much on this website, as it’s pretty boring. However, it is the portion of my portfolio I want to take as little risks as possible while staying in equities. I have a mixture of mostly Total stock market (VTSAX) with some REIT exposure, and an intermediate bond fund. From 2006 until 2018 this account only held VTSAX (100%) and then I re balanced it towards the current makeup. This is an account I DO NOT touch, I never sell, only buy more.

In the table, you’ll see the company/ticker symbol followed by Portfolio Weight. This fluctuates every day and I’ll try to update every few months. This number does not represent my OVERALL PORTFOLIO. For instance, I’m about 30% bonds and that does not get calculated into this number.

I’ve changed the types of investments I do over the years. After I max out my retirement accounts, I throw most new money at ETF’s like ITOT and IJJ. Then I take whatever I have leftover and balance out my taxable account. I don’t necessary go for just dividends, the percent allocation of a stock is a huge determining factor. For example, no matter how much I want to buy more Cigna, I won’t because it is already over 5% of my equity portfolio. I’m more apt to add to SPG, Walgreens, Teradyne, or Marten Transports if I feel they are still offering a good value.

My primary goal is Total Return and increasing my net worth. I figure if I want to go for more dividends closer to retirement, I can pivot that time with a larger portfolio value.

The portfolio is clickable so you can view a larger version.

Nothing in this list represents a recommendation for you to buy. In fact, there are a few I want to sell myself! I can’t sell at the moment due to tax reasons. However, at the first of the new year, I’ll be selling my XLE, EMN, and some CFG and re-allocating it into ITOT.

I do have highly speculative plays in my portfolio like Mindmed and SPCE. I am down considerably on these portions. However, they are a very minuscule part of my portfolio and I knew when I bought them they were extremely risky.

Stock Portfolio

Value and Small/Mid cap TILT in my stock portfolio

My portfolio contains a good bit of small-medium cap stocks, so it’s a bit riskier than the market. My portfolio is 9% Small Cap Value, while the total market is only 1% Small Cap Value. I am 10% weighted towards Mid Cap Value and the total market is only 5% Mid Cap Value. So, overall my portfolio is tilted to Value and smaller stocks.

Closing Thoughts on my portfolio

Approximately 52% of the equities I own are through Mutual Funds and ETF’s. One of my goals for next year is to get this to at least 60%. Another goal I have is to get some of my dividend income up in a few stocks as well. Once again, I’m not focusing on dividends, I just want the ability to pay a few bills with them as someone that is self-employed. My income at times can be a bit “sticky.”