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Portfolio Updates for November

Six Flags

I began purchasing Six Flags on October 24th. I purchased three times and now I am up a total of 3.10%. Volumes have been increasing but there have also been some VERY obvious manipulation attempts to the stock. So, we will see what the larger institutions do with this one. It is still paying over a 7% dividend! I got in around a 7.7% dividend yield, incredible.

Xenia Hotels and Resorts #XHR

I bought only a few shares of this REIT on Nov 1st. I am currently DOWN 2.76%. It recently had an earnings report where it beat Funds from Operations expectations. Its FFO is up .01 quarter to quarter over the year. The current dividend yield is over 5% and the dividend is seriously well covered.

Ryman Hospitality Trust #RHP

I am now up 12% in RHP, not counting dividends at all. I will continue to purchase shares of RHP over the next year on any dips. However, at the moment I’m feeling a bit overweight in my portfolio in this one due to capital gains. Once again, the most recent earnings report showed an incredible increase in FFO.

Darden Restaurants #DRI:

I’ve taken more nibbles at Darden because it was back on a trend down. So, I picked up some more shares at 108 and 112. It has since went back up. Darden is a great DIVIDEND GROWER and has a nice free cash flow. I believe it will reward shareholders tremendously over the next 5 years.

Quest Diagnostics

I purchased a few more shares of #DGX at the end of October. I am currently watching and will buy it when it slips below 100/share. I think the stock is on the trend downwards but I still like it over the long-term. Quest has a decent max drawdown during economic slowdowns so it is a bit of a defensive play for me.

Hooker Furniture Company:

I said in a previous video to watch #HOFT, as it’s been gaining momentum. It is still going up and I believe it’ll be back to 27 in no time. I plan on purchasing more as it swings up. I haven’t bought since April because it’s my worst performing position and I want to make sure I’m not catching a falling knife here. I think 2020 will bring great things for HOFT as it makes some adjustments to its business.


Westrock has been my big buy lately. I think the company is still undervalued, it pays near a 5% dividend. They also just INCREASED THEIR DIVIDEND! So, between that, a decent earnings report and signs of paying their debts down; I bought even more #WRK this month.

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