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It is that time again, time for another DIVIDEND STOCK REPORT.

Putnam $7.36

General Mills $10.29

Darden Restaurants $7.04

Ennis $28.13

Kaiser Aluminum $3.00

Eaton Vance $18.75

Cash Interest $0.75

TOTAL $75.32

Now, let’s compare where this particular quarter’s income was previously. Three quarters ago, I was sitting at a total DIVIDEND INCOME of $56.06 in my Brokerage account and $5.56 in my IRA account. The total from my IRA account this month was only $1.00 (from cash reserves and Fidelity LONG-TERM Bond fund). This was due to selling most of my Long-term bond funds.

So, the good news is this represents a 35.45% increase in dividends from 3 quarters ago in my brokerage. Talk about awesome.

As always, here is the corresponding Youtube video concerning this report:


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