May Stock Buys and Dividend Recap


Month of May Stock and Dividend Report

In the month of May, I started adding more Bonds to my portfolio. You can’t see this here, but both of my retirement accounts already held a good bit of bond funds that are doing incredible; beating the market in some cases.

The Putnam Managed Fund is a Closed End Fund, something I was new to, but had done a good bit of investment research on. One unique thing about this closed end fund is it pays a MONTHLY dividend, as opposed to a QUARTERLY dividend.

At this point, my dividends are very small, but a lot of my investment additions were after ex-dividend dates, so I expect this to grow in June.

New stock positions for May included:

  • Kroger (KR) -IRA
  • Eastman (EMN)
  • TLT ishares Treasury Bond ETF
  • MUB Ishares National Municipal Bond Fund
  • Putnam Managed Municipal Income trust (PMM)
  • Medical Properties Trust = IRA

Stock Positions I sold:

  • Delta-8.5% profit
  • Macy’s (I still hold half my Macy’s shares)-I sold for a small loss, more on this later

May Dividend Breakdown ($21.72 Total):

  • General Mills-$10.29
  • Delta $7.35
  • Ennis $4.08

My two retirement accounts are not discussed here; however, I received dividends from them as well. These retirement accounts are largely just index funds with a few stocks.

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