Passive Income Report for May

So, I’m STARTING to concentrate more on my passive income besides dividends. More income equals more money to invest. I need to get the cash flow coming in more so I can invest it and compound it even faster. As the passive income wheel turns…..

I’m gradually finding out what works for me and what doesn’t work. This lets me know where to funnel my energy, so it pays off the most, rather than waste my time on projects that don’t pay off.

Right now, the biggest winner for me is Patreon. While it certainly isn’t 100% passive (I have to upload content), once it is up, it generates income.

Probably my biggest loser is Amazon Affiliate. I don’t really do too many reviews and I only have the links under my music videos and a few places on my music website. However, I would think after over a 100 clicks I could generate SOME income from it. Apparently not so.

Here is the breakdown of May’s PASSIVE INCOME

Amazon Affiliate- $0

Patreon – $67

Skillshare- $25

Teachable $7.48

Digital Products- $0

Dividends- $82.50

Adsense- $5. 27


Passive Income Wrap Up

I am SERIOUSLY surprised I sold ZERO digital products in May. I’m not sure what happened. At the same time, I recently converted my main site over to https and that caused it to take a traffic hit via google. June is only a week old at this point and I’ve already made digital product sales, lol.

Patreon continues to be the outperforming. I’m gaining supporters each and every week and my goal is to get up to that $100 mark.

Skillshare is a nice platform if you are just getting started. I haven’t updated it in half a year because I’m not a HUGE fan of the platform’s payment method. Also, consider me IRKED that they cancelled one of my courses without notifying me one time. So yeah, I’ll take the money but I am not being active on Skillshare any more.

Teachable is simply from instructional video sales. I believe this is on a one month lagging payroll so this is probably from April technically. Since concentrating on Patreon I haven’t really updated my Teachable either. I plan on turning my Teachable into a membership access site just like patreon. I think I will have better results that way, rather than pay per video.

Adsense-I once again think Adsense was negatively affected from the https switch on my site. Also, google has decided you can no longer choose your fill rate, it does it automatically. We will see how this affects my ad revenue. I’ve heard many people’s ad revenues are down. Basically my expectation here is a base level of $10 a month at the moment; that is “normal” for me.

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