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MAY Dividend Report

Here are my DIVIDENDS for the month of May. If you’d like to compare to last month, here you go:

First up is my BROKERAGE account, here they are:

Putnam Municipal Income Closed End Fund paid me 0.13 cents. Ha, if you haven’t seen my post before, I bought into this over a year ago and completely sold out of my position BEFORE the crash. Now I’m diving back into this one with small doses. This is free from Federal Taxes and pays over a 5% yield, so great for the brokerage account. Now I just have to get that percentage up there.

General Mills-The very first individual stock I ever bough. It paid me $16.66. I LOVE General Mills, it’s still looking good and have no plans to EVER sell this stock

Ennis paid me $29.48. This is one of my heavier positions in my portfolio. I actually sold just a little bit of Ennis this month, so that amount will most likely be less next time. I just felt like I was overweight in the stock and wanted to take some of the gains off the table to put to use elsewhere.

Eaton Vance is one of my absolute FAVORITE Dividend stocks. It paid me $23.63. This DIVIDEND ARISTOCRAT is a great addition to any portfolio; it has dividends, growth and presents a great value opportunity at these prices.

Westrock-It paid me $10.60. Westrock recently slashed their dividend so we can expect smaller payouts like this from them for awhile.

These brings the total up to $80.50 in my BROKERAGE account.

Now a quick look at my Traditional IRA:

Lowes paid me $1.65. I swing trade Lowe’s so this is not a permanent dividend.

IEF (Intermediate Bond Fund) paid me .64 cents

My cash account threw me .01 cents, haha.

So a very small total of only $2.30 in my IRA. Keep in mind that dividends are not really the focus of my IRA (or brokerage for that matter), so some months will be extremely small amounts.

Going forward into June, I had some money I took out of the market to pay about $1000 extra on my car loan. So, I will be getting a little bit less dividends in the following months. However, this will be short-lived and I’ll be back on the income/cash flow train again shortly, headed up.

Thanks for tuning in and as always-I’m NOT a financial advisor; I am simply sharing my journey here.

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