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Okay, it’s that time again. My January Dividend Report along with some notes on Dividends:

Brokerage Account

AEO $22.96

PMM (Putnam Municipal CEF) $7.36

SNDR $3.30

Macy’s $4.53

Eastman Chemicals $33

Quest Diagnostics $4.08

Leggett and Platt $14

Total = $89.23. If we look at three months back ago (same companies last report) we see a total of $84.31. This is an increase of about 5.84%

In my IRA:

RHP $28.80

MWP $23.14

XHP $1.65

Total = $53.59. This compares to these companies last report of $46.54. An increase of 15.15%. This makes sense too because I have bought more MPW and I believe RHP as well. Please notice that these are ALL REITS, all paying over 4%. I normally don’t go for high yielders but these REITS are good for supercharging my IRA with extra “contributions.”

As you can see, my IRA dividends are growing just a bit faster than my brokerage account at the moment. I haven’t made a whole bunch of new dollar investments into my brokerage account in about a month so percent increase has slowed a bit.

Overall I am happy with my dividend return here but also please note I did sell some of my Leggett & Platt, a little SNDR and even sold a small portion of my AEO at a small loss. So this, of course, will hurt some of my dividend returns.

Why did I do this?

I took some LEGG off the table because it had run up almost 40%, that is me playing it safe and locking in some profits. My plan is to buy back again around the $46 mark, which I do believe we will see again shortly. The stock is currently overvalued.

AEO I just had to get out of a bit, I was tired of watching it go down and feel like I could take the money and make my losses back quickly with a better opportunity.

There is a good chance I will be selling all of my SNDR and DGX positions very soon. SNDR has not been a great performer and is in an earnings recessions. DGX seems to be going sideways again and I think the future is a bit bleak unless we see great earnings. I won’t be holding SNDR through earnings, DGX I will.

Here is the graph of dividends over time:

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