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February Dividend Report

Ok, it is that time again. Time to look at my dividend returns for the month. Let me start off by saying I got 33.9% more dividend income this quarter than I did 3 quarters ago (same companies reporting). I went from $76. 32 to $102.19; I’m certainly pleased. Here are the six sources of income:

Putnam Municipal Income CEF $7.36

Eaton Vance $18.75

General Mills $14.70

Darden Restaurants $12.32

Ennis $28.13

Westrock $20.93

So my Total Dividend Income in my Brokerage Account was $102.19

Here you can see the progress of my Dividends. My dividends are not growing as fast as they initially were because I’m contributing less to my account monthly and I’m focusing more on growth/index funds at the moment. The RED line represents my IRA which had zero dividends this month, The BLUE line is my brokerage account and the yellow line is my TOTAL DIVIDENDS between both accounts.

I did buy some more Darden Restaurants and Westrock after the market correction, so I’ll be getting a little more dividend income next time from both of those companies!

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