REIT is short for Real Estate Investment Trusts.  REITS give someone real estate exposure without the hassles of having to collect rent.  They typically pay out hefty dividends.

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Why Medical Properties Trust stock is an avoid for me

What is Medical Properties Trust (MPW)? Medical Properties Trust is a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) that owns over 400 properties. Most of these properties are based in the United States; however, it does own properties in Europe and Australia.

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Best REITs for Income

Looking for cash flow and income with Real Estate exposure without having to buy an office building or house? REITs, or Real Estate Investment Trusts, are one way of gaining access to this without having to deal with tenants, rent collection, and other hassles that often come with the game. REIT’s are a go to …

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Top 3 Total Return stocks in my Portfolio

Lately, I’ve been discussing TOTAL RETURN a lot. Many young dividend investors chase high yielding investments without considering TOTAL RETURN. However, your goal is to have a larger and larger number in your account at the end of this game for retirement, so you not only want dividends, you want growth and large price appreciation …

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