Great Investment Quotes

I picked these investment quotes because I think they teach good lessons, or I find them particularly relevant in today’s macro-economic environment. Some quotes from Warren Buffett, Paul Tudor Jones, and even Albert Einstein.

Credit union vs Bank

Comparing a bank and a credit union Today we are comparing credit unions to a banks. What’s the difference? Are credit unions safe? What are the advantages of a credit union? Do I have to choose one and not the other? Fees of a Bank vs. Credit Union When opening a checking or savings account, …

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Correlations in my Portfolio

I decided to do a correlation analysis on my ENTIRE PORTFOLIO of stocks (and some ETF’s). In case you don’t already know CORRELATION measures the possible relationship between two items, in this case their price movements. Keep in mind, correlation isn’t causation and there could be a 3rd (or even more variables) that are influencing …

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Growth Stocks

Growth Stock Updates-Fortinet, Genpact, and Mimecast

I recently began supercharging my portfolio with more growth and tech stocks. Fortinet had an earnings report today. How did it do? Fortinet beat earnings and revenue. A 21% increase in revenue year over year here. Earnings of .76 vs. .59 from this quarter a year ago. So, that is looking pretty awesome here. Gross …

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Growth Stock-Fortinet

In efforts to supercharge my portfolio with some growth stocks I recently added Fortinet to the lineup: Fortinet is a Cybersecurity company with some nice fundamentals. They do the usual firewall security stuff; however, one of their hot-ticket items is SD-WAN (Software-defined wide Area Networks). They have even surpassed Cisco with sales in SD-WAN. Their …

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Personally, I’m pleased with the new NFLX report. I don’t think NFLX was as affected by the other streaming services as they thought they would be. I also think it shows the possibilities of international growth for Netflix in the future. Just today, we got an announcement that there is going to be a Witcher …

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Top 3 Total Return stocks in my Portfolio

Lately, I’ve been discussing TOTAL RETURN a lot. Many young dividend investors chase high yielding investments without considering TOTAL RETURN. However, your goal is to have a larger and larger number in your account at the end of this game for retirement, so you not only want dividends, you want growth and large price appreciation …

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Investment Book Review-Retirement Investing for Income only!

I will start by saying this is one of the best books I’ve ever read on investing. It’s written by Bruce Miller, who is a Certified Financial Planner. Unlike many investment books, he never gets wordy or uses overly technical jargon. His manner of writing is extremely clear and the order of the layout is …

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Retirement REIT’s-Ryman Hospitality Properties

What does Ryman Hospitality do? They own four upscale resorts, entertainment venues such as the Grand Ole Opry, as well as media like AM 650 based out of Nashville The Hospitality sector includes the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tn; Gaylord Palms Resort in Florida, the Gaylord Texan Resort and Gaylord Rockies …

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