Index Investing

It’s difficult to beat Index Investing with individual stocks.  Not saying it can’t be done, but very difficult long-term.  A big portion of my own investing portfolio is Total Market Mutual Funds and ETF’s.  In addition,  I use Mid Cap Value funds as well.

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Passive Investing – How’s it different from Active Investing?

What is Passive Investing? Passive investing has the following characteristics Advocates Buy and Hold Generally, uses ETF’s and Mutual Funds Prefers Index Investing (S&P 500 or Total Market). Makes no attempt to time the market or outperform it Seeks to minimize Taxes and Fees Buy and Hold is when you buy a stock and don’t …

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My current favorite tech ETF: IYW Today we’ll look at one of my favorite tech ETF’s, IShares US Technology ETF, or IYW for short. When applicable, I’ll compare it to its peers XLK and VGT. These are the similar competitive offerings from SSGA and Vanguard. IYW is an ETF for those that want more of …

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