Bonds are useful in a portfolio for diversification purposes.  Things like long-term treasuries, intermediate-term treasuries, and I-bonds are discussed.

Book Review-The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment Growth by Hildy and Stan Richelson

An investment book about an All-Bond Portfolio I want to start by saying despite the flaws, this is a book worth owning; it’s packed full of information about bonds. Unfortunately, the premise of the book (an all bond portfolio) is simply not supported by the given data. You won’t get far without seeing many of …

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What is a Closed End Fund?

Closed End Funds Closed End Funds, or CEF’s for short, are often overlooked investments. There are numerous characteristics that make CEF’s different than your typical Mutual Fund. Some investors may find these unique qualities appealing. Today, I’m covering these characteristics, along with a few things to look out for before purchasing CEF’s. In addition, I’ll …

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How to Buy Ibonds

What are Ibonds? Ibonds, a type of savings bonds, are one of the safest investments someone can make. They’re guaranteed not to decrease in value and come with no market risk. They carry the advantage that they are tied to INFLATION, so anything invested doesn’t lose it’s purchasing power. Before we get into how to …

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Why am I purchasing bond funds? I’ve recently started adding more bond funds to my portfolio. I haven’t done this in about two years. This goes against what everyone is saying, it’s assumed both inflation and interest rates go higher from here. Many believe that since the interest rates are already so low, that the …