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9 Stock Investing Tips

Stock Investing Tips and Mistakes I learned from Chasing Dividends: Do not chase DIVIDENDS. You will Under perform the market. Look at the following ETF’s-ITOT vs NOBL vs DGRO. You will find that taking on the additional risk of a concentrated dividend portfolio did not provide you with any additional rewards this year. The more …

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Swing Trade Success

So, over the last month I’ve been doing more SWING TRADING. What is SWING TRADING? Swing trading is when you specifically buy a stock with the intention of selling it shortly thereafter. Hold times can be a few days to a few weeks. Home Depot (in my IRA): I bought this 3/16 through 3/20 and …

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Why I wouldn’t buy Walmart Stock

Wal-mart is one of those stocks that’s often recommended as a Recession-proof stock. It’s also often recommended for a Dividend Stock portfolio. However, I’m going to go against the tide and say at this current price and valuation, I can’t recommend this stock. Why I don’t like Wal-mart stock DECLINING TOTAL SHAREHOLDER EQUITY 2017-77,798,000; 2018-77,869,000; …

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Growth Stocks

Growth Stock Updates-Fortinet, Genpact, and Mimecast

I recently began supercharging my portfolio with more growth and tech stocks. Fortinet had an earnings report today. How did it do? Fortinet beat earnings and revenue. A 21% increase in revenue year over year here. Earnings of .76 vs. .59 from this quarter a year ago. So, that is looking pretty awesome here. Gross …

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Growth Stock-Fortinet

In efforts to supercharge my portfolio with some growth stocks I recently added Fortinet to the lineup: Fortinet is a Cybersecurity company with some nice fundamentals. They do the usual firewall security stuff; however, one of their hot-ticket items is SD-WAN (Software-defined wide Area Networks). They have even surpassed Cisco with sales in SD-WAN. Their …

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Personally, I’m pleased with the new NFLX report. I don’t think NFLX was as affected by the other streaming services as they thought they would be. I also think it shows the possibilities of international growth for Netflix in the future. Just today, we got an announcement that there is going to be a Witcher …

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Side Hustle

It’s been a bit since I reported on my side hustle, how is it going? Well, I’m still selling off some of the toys and board games I bought over a month ago. The thing with inventory is you don’t know when it will move necessarily. However, this week started off good, I did manage …

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Top 3 Total Return stocks in my Portfolio

Lately, I’ve been discussing TOTAL RETURN a lot. Many young dividend investors chase high yielding investments without considering TOTAL RETURN. However, your goal is to have a larger and larger number in your account at the end of this game for retirement, so you not only want dividends, you want growth and large price appreciation …

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