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Aquaman 5 graded comic book

My Comic Book Investments are outperforming stocks

It’s been a good bit since I checked to see how my graded comic books have been doing. I use the word “investment” lightly here, because I buy comic books as a hobby. Although most of these I bought because I like the characters and books, some of them I did buy as investments. The majority of these comic books are silver age or older books, only a few from the modern era.

Great Investment Quotes

I picked these investment quotes because I think they teach good lessons, or I find them particularly relevant in today’s macro-economic environment. Some quotes from Warren Buffett, Paul Tudor Jones, and even Albert Einstein.

Udemy vs Skillshare

What platform should you use for your online course? Udemy or Skillshare? What are the pros and cons associated with each of them? Which one do I recommend for beginners? I’m providing answers to each of these questions and sharing my own experiences with both.

stock chart with the words MPW Buy? Avoid?

Why Medical Properties Trust stock is an avoid for me

What is Medical Properties Trust (MPW)? Medical Properties Trust is a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) that owns over 400 properties. Most of these properties are based in the United States; however, it does own properties in Europe and Australia.

ingles stock shareholder equity

Ingles Stock

About Ingles Grocery: Ingles is a grocery store chain in the South Eastern United States. I used to shop there years ago; however, my local store closed down about 8 years ago and now there isn’t one near me. They used to have some really great Country Ham (ok, I know this is about stocks, …

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Passive Investing – How’s it different from Active Investing?

What is Passive Investing? Passive investing has the following characteristics Advocates Buy and Hold Generally, uses ETF’s and Mutual Funds Prefers Index Investing (S&P 500 or Total Market). Makes no attempt to time the market or outperform it Seeks to minimize Taxes and Fees Buy and Hold is when you buy a stock and don’t …

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Book Review-The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment Growth by Hildy and Stan Richelson

An investment book about an All-Bond Portfolio I want to start by saying despite the flaws, this is a book worth owning; it’s packed full of information about bonds. Unfortunately, the premise of the book (an all bond portfolio) is simply not supported by the given data. You won’t get far without seeing many of …

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Best REITs for Income

Looking for cash flow and income with Real Estate exposure without having to buy an office building or house? REITs, or Real Estate Investment Trusts, are one way of gaining access to this without having to deal with tenants, rent collection, and other hassles that often come with the game. REIT’s are a go to …

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My current favorite tech ETF: IYW Today we’ll look at one of my favorite tech ETF’s, IShares US Technology ETF, or IYW for short. When applicable, I’ll compare it to its peers XLK and VGT. These are the similar competitive offerings from SSGA and Vanguard. IYW is an ETF for those that want more of …

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Passive Income Ideas 2022

Passive Income and Expectations I will cover some of the best passive and semi-passive income ideas for the year 2022; I’ve used all of them. Please understand, not all of these are initially passive; most income sources require some sort of initial time investment. There are few truly 100% passive income vehicles. The most passive …

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What is a Closed End Fund?

Closed End Funds Closed End Funds, or CEF’s for short, are often overlooked investments. There are numerous characteristics that make CEF’s different than your typical Mutual Fund. Some investors may find these unique qualities appealing. Today, I’m covering these characteristics, along with a few things to look out for before purchasing CEF’s. In addition, I’ll …

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Credit union vs Bank

Comparing a bank and a credit union Today we are comparing credit unions to a banks. What’s the difference? Are credit unions safe? What are the advantages of a credit union? Do I have to choose one and not the other? Fees of a Bank vs. Credit Union When opening a checking or savings account, …

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Qualified Dividends

Eligibility requirements for Qualified Dividend status? 1)Fulfill the holding period. You have to hold the stock for over sixty days during a 121 day period that starts 60 days before ex-dividend. One small technical here is that the day you buy the stock is not included in this calculation; however, the day you sell the …

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Comparing Total Market ETF’s Today we’re going to look at two of the most popular TOTAL MARKET ETF’s, ITOT and VTI. I’ll preface by stating I own ITOT in my Traditional IRA account; here’s a prior blog where I talked about it: ITOT ETF I also own VTSAX (Vanguard’s Total Market mutual fund) in my …

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How to Buy Ibonds

What are Ibonds? Ibonds, a type of savings bonds, are one of the safest investments someone can make. They’re guaranteed not to decrease in value and come with no market risk. They carry the advantage that they are tied to INFLATION, so anything invested doesn’t lose it’s purchasing power. Before we get into how to …

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Value Investing Time

Value stock picks for 2022 As we move into the new year, I’m focusing on cashflow, dividends and value to choose stocks. My most recent stock picks include Traveler’s Insurance Cigna Health Walgreens All three pay a dividend and have a history of increasing their dividend. In particular, Cigna recently raised their dividend a whopping …

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What is Elrond? EGLD

Elrond is a direct competitor to other blockchains like Cardano, Ethereum, Solana and more. Like many blockchains, the team behind Elrond states its goal is to “give everyone access to the digital economy.” The purpose of this blockchain is to host decentralized apps and “host the internet economy.” according to their website: Today we …

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Correlations in my Portfolio

I decided to do a correlation analysis on my ENTIRE PORTFOLIO of stocks (and some ETF’s). In case you don’t already know CORRELATION measures the possible relationship between two items, in this case their price movements. Keep in mind, correlation isn’t causation and there could be a 3rd (or even more variables) that are influencing …

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Why am I purchasing bond funds? I’ve recently started adding more bond funds to my portfolio. I haven’t done this in about two years. This goes against what everyone is saying, it’s assumed both inflation and interest rates go higher from here. Many believe that since the interest rates are already so low, that the …