August-Dividend Income Breakdown

My August payout brought me one new dividend income stock. That stock is the DIVIDEND ARISTOCRAT, Eaton Vance. I currently have fewer stocks paying in August month than July so a slight decrease this month compared to last month.

Dividend Breakdown

Putnam Municipal Closed End Fund- $4.80

I purchased more PMM this month so this number will be higher starting next month. PMM pays me monthly.

General Mills-$10.29

General Mills was the very first stock I bought.


I did sell a little TLT this month as I was up over 16% in it. I used this to buy more dividend stocks


Ennis is one of my top 3 stocks and one of my largest positions.

Kaiser Aluminum-$3.00

Eaton Vance-$10.50


This group of stocks paid $24.70 the previous payment. So I have increased my total payout for this quarter by over 100%. I look forward to increasing my dividends further.
Traditional IRA account

TO BE REPORTED at the end of the month

Below you can see the progress my Dividend payouts are making. The blue line represents my brokerage account, the last point is this months payment. The yellow line represents the total amount (not calculated for August yet!). The red line is my IRA; this is largely index funds. I’m making good progress here. The most important part of any investment plan is to stay consistent. I’ve added to my portfolio each month since Novemeber, hence all of the growth.

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