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Here are my DIVIDENDS for the month of April:

1)Macy’s-I sold out of Macy’s a while back but for some reason I’m still getting dividends. Hey no arguments. Macy’s paid me $4.53

2)Eastman Chemicals paid me $33.00

3)Schneider Trucking paid me .91 cents

4)QQQ $1.45

So as you can see not a WHOLE LOT in Dividends this month in my Brokerage account. I go into the reasons behind that below.

Moving on to my IRA account, lots of REITS:

Medical Properties Trust-$26.46

Xenia Hotels $1.65

Ryman Hospitality $13.30.

Both XHR and RHP have suspended their dividends due to the Coronavirus environment; so this is probably the last dividend this year I’ll be getting from either of those companies.

IEF Bond Fund paid me .72 cents.

Mcgrath Rent Corp $4.62

This brings me to the following totals:

$39.89 in my Brokerage account

$46.75 in my IRA account


Here is my latest DIVIDEND GRAPH since my initial investing. Once again, you will see that the amount of dividends paid has dropped considerably. This is because I sold some of the stocks paying dividends and I had one dividend get deferred (American Eagle outfitters).

Overall, I’m still happy to be getting the dividends even though they certainly have decreased. COVID-19 is an usual situation that most companies simply weren’t prepared for. Hopefully, these dividend cuts don’t last for a year.

Given that I’ve been concentrating more on growth/tech investing; I am not as concerned about the dividends at the moment. However, no one likes to see their dividends get cut. At the same time, whatever a company needs to do to make ends meet in this trying time. Far better they cut the dividend than go out of business.

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