Unlike many investors, I continue to buy, even as the market climbs up against all odds. I figure I can’t time the market perfectly so why not? I was able to sell a lot at the very top and avoided a HUGE loss in my IRA, so, back in I go. I am buying small portions but consistently, March 13th was the day I re-entered.

I am looking for a new SWING TRADE opportunity this month, but for now, purchasing long-term plays in the Tech, Consumer Staples, Materials, and Financial sectors. Here are my picks:

1)Mcgrath Rentcorp-I just got a dividend from them and decided to reinvest that money back into Mcgrath. I really like this company; it just had a great earnings report. An EPS of .81 vs .75 a year ago, 129.45 million in revenue vs. 122.01 million a year ago. As you can see this company continues to grow. I also believe even during the Coronavirus episode, Mcgrath is fairly well positioned to weather the storm with it’s modular building and storage segments

2)MimeCast-I buy just a little Mimecast here and there. It’s not a huge position for me as I believe it’s a bit more risky. MIME is an email security company. It’s European exposure will of course be a problem during the next two quarters. However, long-term I don’t think anyone does email security quite as well as them and the stock has been beaten down for awhile (even before the virus!)

3)Stanley Black & Decker-I must say SWK has been THE stock to buy for me the last month or so. I got in at a GREAT price with this company and I’m simply adding to my shares here. The company recently had an earnings report; the report was not as great as say Mcgrath’s, with some noticeable weakness; however, SWK has been around forever and I believe will continue to be. This is a long-term hold in my IRA account

4)Eaton Vance-EV will always be one of my favorite stocks. It’s a DIVIDEND ARISTOCRAT that’s increased it’s dividend for over 37 years. I add on any pullbacks.

5)ITOT-Not much to say here, other than I’m a total market guy when it comes to ETF’s. I still have a little cash left in my account and just continue to buy consistently. I don’t want to be caught sitting on the sidelines while the S&P 500 runs back to 3000.