My Portfolios

Here are two of my portfolios, my brokerage account and traditional IRA. I also have a ROTH IRA, but it is all Index funds (pretty boring), so I won’t be discussing it.

Here I list all the stocks/funds I own. You’ll see ticker symbols followed by some of the dividend stats.

I do not buy stocks only for the dividends, I am interested in dividend growth and capturing good TOTAL RETURNS. I don’t focus on stocks paying only high yields.

The portfolio is clickable so you can view a larger version.

I own a lot of small to midcap stocks. I only own 12 shares of M, I kept those to remind myself of that time I bought M, lol. I plan on selling those someday and EPU so these positions will be reduced. My goal is to have 15 solid positions and right now I have 18.

I have another Roth IRA that won’t be the topic of discussion on the site. It is all index funds. Hence the weight towards small and mid-cap stocks in my portfolio.

My Traditional IRA is heavy towards REIT’s with some small caps. I like the dividends they pump out, so I can reinvest back into the REITs for income OR I can put into the index funds. REIT’s provide some diversification as well. Sterling and Netflix don’t pay dividends, they are growth stocks.