Here are ALL of my portfolios. The three index funds at the bottom are my ROTH IRA, I don’t mention it much on this website, as it’s pretty boring.

You’ll see the company/ticker symbol followed by the Stock Style and Portfolio Weight.

I do not buy stocks only for the dividends, I am interested in dividend growth and capturing good TOTAL RETURNS. I have a mix of Index Funds/Growth Stocks and Dividend stocks.

The portfolio is clickable so you can view a larger version.

I’ve made a concerted effort to increase the percentage of growth/tech stocks within my brokerage account. On the other hand, Eastman Chemicals is one of my largest holdings; I consider it a lifetime hold and primarily represents a dividend stock for me. Eaton Vance is another larger position that’s a dividend aristocrat. I hold anywhere from 10 to 15% cash from time to time. So, I mix growth and value approaches.

IRA: You’ll notice a high percentage is Netflix in my IRA; this is due to appreciation and not necessarily due to continually buying. I also have a good bit of REIT’s within it.

ROTH IRA: My Roth Ira is all Index Funds, primarily VTSAX at Vanguard. In Nov 2018, I rebalanced into these three funds. Glad I hold the Intermediate Bond Fund, it helped absorb some of this Coronavirus crash.