My first move of the month was I bought Westrock #WRK, my price was $34.82. This gave a dividend yield of over 5%.

I then bought 12 shares of Sterling Construction, this was one of the smallest lots of stock I’ve ever purchased but with no commission fees and having a little over $100 in my cash holdings this made sense. STRL has had a dramatic rise in price target due to a recent acquisition.

I bought some more shares of Eaton Vance. It has a earnings report here in a few days, I look forward to seeing how the report goes. However, either way, I’m yielding over a 3.4% dividend from these purchases.

I sold ALL of my TLT shares. I seldom sell things. However, I just kept thinking about how low-interest rates have dropped, how much I’ve already made from bond funds. I don’t see them running up another say 10%, so I took my profits. I used these profits to buy the Westrock and Eaton Vance shares.

I had very little cash left in my brokerage account (around $600 I believe). So I split this up buying shares of Darden Restaurants at $108, Quest Diagnostics at $100 and lastly General Mills around the $51 mark.

These were not my ideal prices but rather than just leave the money laying in the cash account I wanted to immediately put it to use. I fully accept I will buy at both low and high prices over decades of investing. Really the only one I wished would have went lower is Quest.

Quest recently had a pretty good earnings report, much better than their last one. I think it has a long way to run. It’s also been quite stable and less volatile during all the trade war turmoil. So that gives me confidence in my purchase, even though it does only pay slightly over a 2% dividend.