Here are some places I regularly visit to research stocks, investments or just to see what they are up to

Marketbeat is where I go to see who is buying what. Just type in the ticker and click on “institutional ownership.” It tells which bank bought on what day and how much.

What can I say? Without fidelity my brokerage account wouldn’t exist

Once again, I like to know who is holding the stocks I’m buying and this is a great place to find all of that out.

Youtube Channels I visit:

The place I go for good value stock picking, Fastgraphs. You can watch on screen how over or undervalued each stock is. Most importantly, you can historically see how price follows earnings:

Ian is definitely my favorite dividend investor on youtube. He buys many things I don’t own but I enjoy his passion and enthusiasm. Not to mention his progress and stories about experiencing the last recession.

I have no aspirations to be a day trader but I like this channel for more graphical analysis. He has made some spot on calls over the last six months.