My Investing Journey with Passive Income, Stocks, and Cryptocurrencies!

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YEAR OF 2020 in Review

My Total Passive Income for the year was $3300. $1315.63 of that came from dividends; therefore, dividends represent 40% of my PASSIVE INCOME.


I saw a 37% increase in my dividends in my brokerage account. My retirement accounts only saw a 7% increase. However, that is to be expected as I am maxed out on how much I can add to my retirement accounts (no 401K for me!).

I made $683.01 from stock trades this year. Only $214.56 were short-term capital gains. I am not much of a trader, I might do a swing trade once every two months or so. I’m more of a long-term investor.

After running the numbers, it appears I increased my TOTAL NET STOCK/EQUITY worth 32.56% this year. This means that I now have that much more in the markets than I did at the end of last year. Some of this is due to Capital appreciation, some is due to contributions. I will give an EXACT PERFORMANCE number here in a week or so, after I get the data from my broker.


1)Reduce the number of positions in my brokerage account to 15

2)Add another 10K into investments

3)Get my Patreon Passive Income up to $200

4)Increase my monthly Youtube income to $75

5)Create some sort of Ripe for Investing product. I have NO IDEA what this will be yet

6)Increase my investment in Silver Age Graded Comic Books. I want to add more hard asset, collectibles to my portfolio. Some unopened Pokemon boxes will be added as well

7)I believe we may be facing a sideways market in the next year or two, so I think I’m gonna invest a bit more into dividend stocks. For the last 7 months I’ve been heavy in NON-DIVIDEND stocks, so I want to change course a big.

Some final words:

December is looking fantastic; so far, it looks like I will pass the FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR mark. I can’t believe it, just a few months ago, my goal was to pass $300. I’ll be bringing you that report on the second week of January, so stay tuned.


Digital Products $39.99

Adsense $4.99

Amazon Affiliate $2.25

Skillshare $41.12

Patreon $114.94

Youtube $47.82

Dividends $74.67

Retirement Dividends $21.34

Credit Card Rewards $13

Bank Interests $13.32


So far, this is the highest passive income I’ve had up to this point. My Patreon is still growing (up 14% since last month!). I also did pretty well with my Digital Products (Sheet Music and TABS).

Dividends were over $50 so not bad, but I do look forward to getting back to over $100 in dividends.


Here is my October Passive Income Report:


Adsense-$5.34; traffic is down on my music website considerably. Not sure what is going on but ever since I converted to https my traffic has dropped off! This truly affects ad revenue.

Dividends $69.13

Amazon Affiliate $0.18; Once again Amazon continues to be the weakest link, just a few book sales via clicks on my youtube channel.

Credit Card Rewards $6.25

Credit Union Rewards $14.27


Digital Products $12.55; had a few TAB sales but most were of the lower priced tier, so it didn’t amount to much.

Youtube $29.28; It FINALLY happened, I’m able to monetize my music channel on youtube. Looks like that is going to net me around an extra $30 per month.


This is a little less than last month, largely because I didn’t make any video sales through TEACHABLE as normal. I still have my prize on making over $350 in passive income over the next couple of months. I think I got this now with the extra Youtube ad revenue.

December Market Moves-Kroger, Netflix, 3M

December was an interesting month for me. I can’t say I added a whole lot of new capital to my account. I did sell some stocks and use those funds to make new purchases though.

The first stock I sold was Krogers. I originally said I was going to hold Krogers for a very long time. However, I am just not pleased with these reports. GAP earnings has declined -17.95% quarter to quarter and the trailing last three quarters it is down over FIFTY PERCENT. Now granted I didn’t sell all of my KR, I only sold half for an 8% profit not counting dividends. I just think there is very little room for the run up here, I see 29 as the max share price for awhile and very potentially going back to 25 in the near future. KR doesn’t have the greatest dividend either, I got in around a 3% yield but now it’s 2.5%; although I must say it’s a great dividend grower. Growing it’s dividend 14% annually this year.

I sold a good bit of my Fidelity Health Care Services mutual fund as well. I held this in both my IRA and Brokerage account. I wanted to reduce my weight in the IRA and want to get out of it completely in my brokerage. It doesn’t pay a great dividend and the capital gain taxes at the end of the year are a bit of a nuisance in my taxable account. I’m also not looking forward to it’s volatility as we enter a presidential race. I’ve seen enough of that the last year to last me a lifetime. I will continue to hold a decent position in my IRA for long-term but will reduce out of my brokerage exposure as I’m eligible for LONG-TERM CAPITAL GAIN TAXES.

I sold 1 share of 3M as well. I then used this money to help buy more Netflix, hahaha. Sorry, but I just do not have the enthusiasm some of my fellow dividend investors have about 3M. It’s not one of my favorite stocks in my portfolio. I bought it simply because I got a great price on it. It was in my IRA so no taxes to pay on it.

What did I buy?
Yes, I bought more Netflix believe it or not. Yes, a value/dividend investor buying Netflix. I won’t go over my NFLX convictions again despite it’s high P/E and negative cash flow; I’ll just say I’m taking a risk here but it’s a risk I do believe in.

Still buying Ryman Hospitality, Westrock and Six Flags. Also bought $100 worth of General Mills before earnings and $100 worth of Darden Restaurants before earnings. Darden’s report was pretty decent but the stock went down 6% that day only to recover 2% of it the next day.

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