My Investing Journey with Passive Income, Stocks, and Cryptocurrencies!

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Buying more VeChain and Cardano

Today the Crypto market saw a pretty good correction. BTC going from 40K to 30K very quickly.

In this video I discuss what moves I’m making.

I’m buying more Vechain and Cardano first and foremost. My Stellar Lumens is holding up very well, but I’m not adding to it yet. I think we could see a further decline with it.

Stockwise-I’m adding to Citizens Financial Group, Fortinet, Medical Properties Trust, and Uber. Talk about a group of stocks unrelated 😛

YEAR OF 2020 in Review

My Total Passive Income for the year was $3300. $1315.63 of that came from dividends; therefore, dividends represent 40% of my PASSIVE INCOME.


I saw a 37% increase in my dividends in my brokerage account. My retirement accounts only saw a 7% increase. However, that is to be expected as I am maxed out on how much I can add to my retirement accounts (no 401K for me!).

I made $683.01 from stock trades this year. Only $214.56 were short-term capital gains. I am not much of a trader, I might do a swing trade once every two months or so. I’m more of a long-term investor.

After running the numbers, it appears I increased my TOTAL NET STOCK/EQUITY worth 32.56% this year. This means that I now have that much more in the markets than I did at the end of last year. Some of this is due to Capital appreciation, some is due to contributions. I will give an EXACT PERFORMANCE number here in a week or so, after I get the data from my broker.


1)Reduce the number of positions in my brokerage account to 15

2)Add another 10K into investments

3)Get my Patreon Passive Income up to $200

4)Increase my monthly Youtube income to $75

5)Create some sort of Ripe for Investing product. I have NO IDEA what this will be yet

6)Increase my investment in Silver Age Graded Comic Books. I want to add more hard asset, collectibles to my portfolio. Some unopened Pokemon boxes will be added as well

7)I believe we may be facing a sideways market in the next year or two, so I think I’m gonna invest a bit more into dividend stocks. For the last 7 months I’ve been heavy in NON-DIVIDEND stocks, so I want to change course a big.

Some final words:

December is looking fantastic; so far, it looks like I will pass the FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR mark. I can’t believe it, just a few months ago, my goal was to pass $300. I’ll be bringing you that report on the second week of January, so stay tuned.


Digital Products $39.99

Adsense $4.99

Amazon Affiliate $2.25

Skillshare $41.12

Patreon $114.94

Youtube $47.82

Dividends $74.67

Retirement Dividends $21.34

Credit Card Rewards $13

Bank Interests $13.32


So far, this is the highest passive income I’ve had up to this point. My Patreon is still growing (up 14% since last month!). I also did pretty well with my Digital Products (Sheet Music and TABS).

Dividends were over $50 so not bad, but I do look forward to getting back to over $100 in dividends.

INSANE Returns

All I can say is the returns lately have been absolutely INSANE.

I want to highlight some picks over the last six months here:

1)CHEWY-Chewy just had a fantastic report and is seeing numerous upgrades and higher price targets. I think we go even higher from here. Every time I drive around I see Chewy Boxes at people’s houses to be recycled. Most importantly, they have great customer service and people love this company (and their pets). I have literally been buying more shares every month. I’ll be holding this one a long time! Currently up 46%

2)HOOKER FURNITURE COMPANY-Out of nowhere this has been my turnaround kid. The last six months has just been INSANE with this company. I went from being down in this stock in 2019 to now I am up almost 30%, some tranches up over 120%. This past earnings report was incredible and they just raised the dividend by 12%. I will be holding this smaller cap stock a very long-time as well. Their social media presence really shows the strength of this company with it’s customers.

3)VIRGIN GALACTIC-This is by far one of my riskiest investments. At the same time, the returns have been incredible. I am now up 57%, with some tranches up 85%. At the moment, the company isn’t bringing in any revenues but I think this one could go to outer space sure enough.

4)KAISER ALUMINUM-If you’ve watched this blog, you know I’ve been in and out of this stock many times over the last two years. After the March Crash I saw an opportunity, the stock was at a NINE YEAR LOW. So I dug in and I kept adding. Well, they made an acquisition of a can company; this resulted in the stock going up 10% in one day and another 12% the next. I am now up over 40% in KALU. I knew it would be some nice gains but I thought it would be years before I saw this. I’ll take it!

5)CITIZENS FINANCIAL GROUP-I’ve never bought a bank stock before, I’ve been leery of them for years. However, I kept running numbers/figures on CFG and just firmly believed it was undervalued, trading under Tangible Book value. Turns out I was right and now I’m up over 26% in this one as well, not counting those dividends. What a dividend! It was yielding over 5.5% in some of my tranches. I believe the banking sector is going to be fine with these low interest rates. CFG reported a 1% reduction in interest rate income but non-interest rate income was up over 30%. These banks are going to find plenty of ways to make money.

In summary, this is the strongest my portfolio has ever performed. My Brokerage account which has under performed for awhile is now the HUGE outperformer. On a 3 month basis my brokerage is beating the market by 12%, on a 1 month basis it is beating it by 4.20%. My IRA has slid a bit (underperforming the market by about .5%). However, YTD it is ahead by just a small bit.

I’m anxious to see how I do in 2021. So far 2020 has been a huge success. I firmly believe this is because in my IRA I pulled out before the March Crash and then I went back in buying hand over fist things like Stanley Black & Decker at rock bottom prices. My brokerage account performance was greatly enhanced by my sell of Eaton Vance (Up 53%) and it was my 4th largest holding.

Looking forward to the rest of the year and 2021!!!!!

Cryptocurrency is SOARING

I don’t talk much about Cryptocurrency here on this “channel,” but I’m an avid investor in Ethereum, Stellar Lumens, and Cardano. Personally, I’m more interested in the Defi aspect of things.

These past two weeks has show some INCREDIBLE gains in the crypto markets. Some alt coins are going up over 40% over the last month.


First, let’s take a look at Ethereum. Ethereum just so happens to be my largest allocation in the cryptocurrency market. It’s up a whopping 36% in this past month. It is up 256% in the last year. My purchase prices are from $245-350. To think I had some I had bought around $100 and sold…..ouch! There are some things happening in the ETH space with staking and it will be interesting to see if they meet their targets here.


Next, let us look at Bitcoin. Up over 43% in one month. Up 152% in the last year. Bitcoin eyes taking out a new ALL TIME HIGH. Unfortunately, I no longer own any Bitcoin. To think I bought it around $6500-7000 and sold for a nice gain….if I had only held :). I must say, I’m no longer a huge fan of BTC, despite the recent surge of institutional buying and companies like Paypal/Square adding it to their books.


One of my favorite cryptocurrency plays is Cardano (ADA). It is up over 27% in the past week. ADA is up 257% in one year. I think Cardano is going to be a slow but steady mover. I’m dying to see some price appreciation as my purchase prices have been .10-.14. It is the laggard of my cryptocurrency portfolio but the one that I remain the most bullish on.


Lastly, we have Stellar Lumens, up almost 26% in a week. Stellar is my smallest position, but man it made a HUGE move this week. It’s desperately needing some capital appreciation. Up 72% over the last year but seriously off from it’s all time high. My entry points are .10-.11, so I’m in the red with Lumens. However, the more I research Lumens the more bullish I become, despite it going nowhere for some time.

Overall I will just say I think 2021 is going to be a great year for cryptocurrency. I’m anxious to see the developments with Ethereum and Cardano the most. I think Bitcoin price will continue to be driven up by instutional investing for some time; however, I fear it could simply crash again. My main worry is that will take down my “alt coins.”

My timeline with Crypto investing is years. Only recently have I logged back into my accounts. I will literally go months without looking at them and then when the action heats up, I’ll watch them again.

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