Let’s go!

I’m about to be the “ripe” age of 41 years old come August 16th. My goal with this site is to share my investment journey-archiving my income growth from dividends, Adsense, affiliate marketing, and other passive income strategies.

I began contributing to a 401K at my old job many years ago; I was as passive of an investor as one could be. Like many people, I was never taught anything about investing as a child, nor did my family invest. As far as I knew, you went to a job, earned a salary and that was your income.

I put money into that 401K because that’s what someone told me to do, not because I understood it. The company provided a match, and I never looked at it. I couldn’t have told you the difference between a small-cap and a bond.

After I left that job a few years later, I heard about ROTH IRA’S on a Clark Howard show. I opened up one on my own. I only had one holding in it, VTSAX, Vanguard Total Stock market index fund. I believe this was around 2009. I tried my best to make contributions, sometimes maxing it out, sometimes barely putting anything in (I didn’t know any better). One thing is for sure, I didn’t put in nearly enough!

In 2018, I decided it was time to get more active and aggressive with my retirement and use income/dividend investing to add to my monthly income. That’s how this new vision began. I spent hours each day reading, watching and learning all I could about picking stocks, investment strategies and researching companies. I’m still learning.

Why an income/dividend strategy?

Part of the reason these strategies are so important to me is that I’m a full-time professional musician. Anyone that’s self-employed knows that not every month provides consistent, stable income. Dividends and passive income vehicles are of great assistance during months of inconsistency.

One way I bring in extra income is through selling written music to my arrangements. I also have a decent youtube channel with my music and offer some online courses on instrument learning which bring me income as well. I’m increasing my ways to have little “helpers” bring me income each month. I want as many “helpers” as I can get, I’m sure you do as well!

So many other people are in the same boat as me, perhaps self-employed or maybe they have a 9-5 and it’s not enough. At the end of the day, it’s up to us to prepare for our future. I hope others can find some inspiration, motivation and perhaps ideas from my writing on this website. As always, I’d LOVE to hear about your own journey, let’s keep each other motivated and sharing.