My Investing Journey with Passive Income, Stocks, and Cryptocurrencies!

Month: June 2020

passive income report

Passive Income | Mid-June

For passive income, my Mid-June is looking good so far.

Here is last months report if you want to compare:

I’m already making DIGITAL PRODUCT sales and it is only the second week. In addition, I’m improving my sales via Amazon affiliates.

Let’s get to the numbers on my Passive Income Journey here:

Patreon so far has paid me $65/month. It is one of my biggest winners. This is $2 less than last month, but that is okay, people come, and people go on PATREON. I’ve had one new member sign up already.

Google Adsense– $1.50. This is NOT looking good, as I was making $10 at one time. Google Adsense HAS been making some changes, such as no longer allowing you to customize fill rates for ads. I also know the company is reporting losses in advertising revenue. I’m sure this has SOME to do with these decreasing numbers; I am hoping it turns around soon!

Skillshare– $29.66. This is one of my biggest winners this month. Lots of views and new students on my course. The ironic part is I have not updated this course in NINE MONTHS. Maybe I need to get to work on uploading new content on SKILLSHARE, so I can make even more money.

Digital Products-$13 I went from ZERO last month to this so far. We are looking alright. I think my youtube videos are helping my music sales.

Amazon Affiliate-$2.82. Amazon has been a loser for me but I think I CAN improve. Once again, last month I made ZERO dollars from Amazon Affiliate, this month I’ve made three sales. This is the commission I’ve made. I need to sell higher ticket items, ha.

Dividends-$18.68. I’ve barely had any dividends come in so far, so I expect this number to climb. So far it’s just Bond Funds, Stanley Black & Decker, and Putnam Municipal Closed End Fund.

My mid-June total is $130.66

One of my short-term goals is to get this number above $200/month. I SERIOUSLY believe I can do this within the next few months. I am working hard, building my youtube followers, which in returns results in more conversions of digital products.

I also began contributing new money to my accounts again, so, I expect those dividends to start climbing once again. Yee haw!

QQQ ETF is Fantastic | My Portfolio

The two main ETF’s I’m buying this month are QQQ and ITOT. QQQ is weighted towards the Nasdaq and technology. I think during this Coronavirus crash, weighing heavier towards technology is a wise move. So far, it has paid off quite well.

I just added $400 to my ROTH IRA and $500 to my Traditional IRA. In addition to the above ETF’s, I’m also buying these individual stocks-Universal Forest Products and Chewy. I am up over 25% in Chewy, it is of course a growth stock. Chewy is a company that specializes in pet foot delivery. We use their services and see Chewy boxes all around us via our neighbors each week.

In this video, I discuss these ETF’s and bring you my dividend report SO FAR for the month of June **More Dividends to come!**

So far, my DIVIDENDS are as follows:

Stanley Black & Decker $11.04, IEF $0.61 for a total of $11.65 in my TRADITIONAL IRA

PMM $0.61 in my BROKERAGE. Lots more DIVIDENDS to come in this account!

In my ROTH IRA, VBILX $6.77

I’m FINALLY able to add to my accounts this month, so, I’m looking forward to watching that money grow in the market.

I am currently sitting at 6%; one of my short-term goals is to get my total market ETF’s/Index Funds up to 25%. I also want to continue increasing my position in Chewy, Universal Forest Products, Marten Transports, and Fortinet. I feel strongly that these stocks are going to GROW big over the next few years.

Lastly, I’ll briefly mention my Swing Trade for the month. I am swing trading ROKU. This won’t be a long-term hold for me, I’m simply looking for a 8% gain. I am sitting at 2% right now, holding a bit longer. Update later!

HUGE Winner-Stanley Black & Decker

I was recommending Stanley Black & Decker as THE stock to buy back in March. I was literally buying it every other day as extra money came in.

You can see the screenshot from my IRA account below. I am up over 42% total in less than three months. One tranche is up over 95%, talk about crazy.

This is why, when the fear is high and the market is crashing, real wealth can be created during that time. The sky was falling, people were all yelling don’t buy, sit on the side lines. Meanwhile, SWK was at 5 yr lows, it was a DIVIDEND ARISTOCRAT, and most importantly, my time horizon was long. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

I knew SWK was going to be a winner, but I never thought it would be the top performing stock of this quarter for me.

I think the stock STILL has legs to run, so I’ll probably add a little more to top it off.

May Passive Income Report

So, I’m STARTING to concentrate more on my passive income besides Dividends. More income equals more money to invest. I need to get the cash flow coming in more and more so I can invest it and compound it even faster.

I’m gradually finding out what works for me and what doesn’t work. This lets me know where to funnel my energy, so it pays off the most.

Right now, the biggest winner for me is Patreon. While it certainly isn’t 100% passive (I have to upload content), once it is up, it is up and it generates income.

Probably my biggest loser is Amazon Affiliate. I don’t really do too many reviews and I only have the links under my music videos and a few places on my music website. However, I would think after over a 100 clicks I could generate SOME income from it. Apparently not so.

Here is the breakdown of May’s PASSIVE INCOME

Amazon Affiliate- $0

Patreon – $67

Skillshare- $25

Teachable $7.48

Digital Products- $0

Dividends- $82.50

Adsense- $5. 27


I am SERIOUSLY surprised I sold ZERO digital products in May. I’m not sure what happened. At the same time, I recently converted my main site over to https and that caused it to take a traffic hit via google. June is only a week old at this point and I’ve already made digital product sales, lol.

Patreon continues to be the outperforming. I’m gaining supporters each and every week and my goal is to get up to that $100 mark.

Skillshare is a nice platform if you are just getting started. I haven’t updated it in half a year because I’m not a HUGE fan of the platform’s payment method. Also, consider me IRKED that they cancelled one of my courses without notifying me one time. So yeah, I’ll take the money but I am not being active on Skillshare any more.

Teachable is simply from instructional video sales. I believe this is on a one month lagging payroll so this is probably from April technically. Since concentrating on Patreon I haven’t really updated my Teachable either. I plan on turning my Teachable into a membership access site just like patreon. I think I will have better results that way, rather than pay per video.

Adsense-I once again think Adsense was negatively affected from the https switch on my site. Also, google has decided you can no longer choose your fill rate, it does it automatically. We will see how this affects my ad revenue. I’ve heard many people’s ad revenues are down. Basically my expectation here is a base level of $10 a month at the moment; that is “normal” for me.

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